Kidz Roc

"Kidz Roc" is not a competition, but a show based on talent.

It is designed to encourage the pursuit of dreams. Each

week, the show features up-and-coming talented Kidz

aged 17 and under singers, bands, soloists and groups

debuting original songs from all genres of music.


When the director yells cut and the lights go down, "KR"  

working with those few exceptional continues artist through Artist Development.  Kidz Roz understands the goals of the talented artist and what it takes to nurture an upcoming star.    


The show is also moving towards the international broadcast arena to find a home and continues to search for talent worldwide to appear on the show. The global stage is set for  "Kidz Roc."  For more information about "Kidz Roc" or upcoming auditions call 855. KIDZROC .