Mission Statement

DI's mission is to produce top quality media productions and products that provide our audience with gratifying entertainment.  It is to also support the community by offering philanthropic programs geared towards surrounding areas with emphasis on community, youth development and education.

Vision Statement

Throughout our projected timeline and beyond, Dakar envisions a company built on imagination and proficiency which creates, develops and produces new, exhilarating entertainment products. Products that will touch the hearts and mind of the audiences.

Feature films

Productions, progressive educational materials, professional/ community workshops.

The Home Division understands our innovative employees need to explore their creative talents, and share their vivid ideals with the rest of the world. Our employees must feel as if they are not being stifled as artists, yet rather being challenged to push their capacities to new heights. Knowing that while they are achieving new and exciting feats, all they imagined is constantly contributing to our production value. We are reminded that employees are still also our internal customers, and they should be treated with the same respect given to the consumers who purchase our products or walk through our doors. 

As a progressive and unbiased company, the Television and Film Division always maintains an open mind to new projects, pitches and suggestions.

The Business-to-Business Division recognizes the frustrations and needs of the entertainment, and general community desire for quality, stimulating entertainment features. We provide these services and will always deliver the product. Our features and products will be comparable to our larger counterparts, but exceed quality expectation. Dakar is constantly searching for new, sensationally innovative stories and ideas which will essentially drive the expansion company to the highest levels of production. All of this is achieved while loyally serving the viewing public and community in every possible capacity.

The Dak P. Kidz division was created to work exclusively with and for the younger generation.