Kidz Roc marketing, and public relations for Fall 2018 


Kr's promotions attract and reach millions of diverse viewers.  Kidz Roc is a strong marketing arm for its advertisers and sponsors.

  • Kidz Roc filmed in Orlando, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Village of Oakwood and Walton Hills Ohio  for the premier of the Kidz Roc Television Show, Fall 2018 season on WUAB.                

  • Kidz Roc continues filming in Los Angeles California June 5 – 15 for the fall 2017 season.

  • August 2017 Kidz Roc begins its international talent search in Canada and Europe.

  • We have partnered with WUAB to promote Kidz Roc and its sponsors.  Our sponsors will have their Brand promoted during the Spring 2017 and (or) Fall 2017 season airing of Kidz Roc with possible commercial included.   

Sponsors and advertisers have the option of product placement during artist performances. 


Social Media promotions Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Sponsors will receive mentions throughout Kidz Roc social media promotions online advertisement.

Fall 2018 marketing, and public relations of the print, radio, social media and television promotions will attract and reach millions of culturally diverse viewers.   

There are many options available to you as a Kidz Roc sponsor, advertiser:

  • Product recognition and placement inside episode

  • Brand mentioned in show opening, during and close of show

  • Up to 3 commercials in each episode

  • Mention in credits 

  • Online advertisement

  • Option to have Dakar Inc. create your next commercial


At this crucial point in our youth’s development, you will be making a significant contribution in keeping their dreams alive.     

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