Keys to Success

Dakar will organize and manage our creative endeavors into a “project format”. This will allow each “project” to be individually financed, developed, maintained and tracked per its unique requirements and objectives. Separating and tracking each project will also:

a)   Provide an umbrella for security and licensing

b)   Allow each project to become its own viable revenue source, dependent solely upon its own success and market worthiness.

c)   When needed, the multiple-project format will allow for a broad, variety of efforts and application to maximize the inherent potential in each market segment.


  1. This format also minimizes the risk involved with each individual project, thus creating a liability “cushion” by using separate funding which is secured separately for each project.

  2. Developing multiple avenues of publicity for each project or series through strategic contacts, i.e.;

   3. An Internet presence, merchandising, public relations, traditional advertising and product development.

   4. By strategically utilizing our unique pool of production and resources, we will draw a higher rate of multi-faceted talented performances. From thence forth give management to such talent which will drive success.