Services include creative, production, post-production, in-house studio, and a mobile production truck division. We specialize in all digital media with a focus on commercial broadcast advertising. In addition to commercial film and video, our body of work also includes training videos, corporate promotional, sales & marketing videos, and live event/concert production. 


Filmmakers, television productions, musicians who come to Dakota P Productions to use the soundstage and recording facilities, will need support that they won’t be able to bring with them.  They will get the support, talent, and crew from surrounding communities.  Building a soundstage in Ohio would “create jobs and make ancillary services stronger.

Creative Services and Pre-Production Planning 

Dakar will begin every project with a comprehensive discussion about the client’s goals, budget, and deadline. We then collaborate with the client’s team to develop a unique story, strategy, and a branded message that fits your unique vision. Our creative services include concept development, storyboarding, and script development. 

Post-Production Services 

In-house post-production department comprised of edit bays with multiple editing platforms on an integrated system. We have a full staff of designers, editors, and graphics departments that are dedicated to making every project perfect.

Mobile Production Truck 

A custom-built mobile HD production truck is a full studio on wheels. The perfect solution for sports, events, concerts, and live broadcasts. We can take care of staging, lighting, audio, and video production planning. The full ups system with onboard generator ensures there will never be a lapse in coverage. We have scalable services to fit anything from small production needs to multi-camera setups. 



All the capability of our Mobile Production Truck in the convenience of transportable cases. Our top of the line equipment featured in our truck can be shipped anywhere and loaded into any venue. Our in-house engineer tailors our flypack packages specifically to fit the client's project needs. 



Our in-house studio has a corner Cyc wall with a lighting grid.  It is quiet climate-controlled and outfitted with acoustic walls and ceiling. A loading bay with drive-in access and cutting edge equipment means we are always ready to film. Our HD control room adds live broadcast and streaming capability.


Over the next three years 


*Over the next three years DPP will be a full-service production/post-production facilities. Clients will enjoy our turn-key facility with studios, editing, audio design, and post, captioning.... all under one roof. 

* Our main facility houses 3 studios/control rooms, capable of large to small productions, silent a/c, soundproof, plus headshot studio for live shots.

* Provide in house trained highly talented production crews. 

* Have full teleport up/downlink capabilities. 

* HD/SD 7/24 Network Operations Control with occasional feed and channel origination capabilities. Our 7/24 engineering infrastructure will provide services for high caliber national television networks. 

* Offer post facilities featuring both Avid and Final Cut Pro suites available. Our Pro Tools audio suites will feature VO booths, ISDN lines, 
library for design and post. 

* Clients will enjoy our green room, make-up and dressing rooms with full craft services. 


• Fully redundant automation controlled

Channel Origination Services 

Over the next 3 years, we will also provide end to end network channel origination facilities. Our Network Operations department will encompass traffic, scheduling, library, media ingest, and presentation services. Media operations provide quality control and preparation of HD and SD in tape and file formats. We will possess the expertise to craft a single or multi-channel presentation system per the client’s specific requirements.

Channel Origination 
server-based playback 
• Redundant program signal chains 
• Air operations library services 
• Scheduling and playlist creation 
• Channel presentation branding and graphics 
• 24/7 Operations Center staffing 
• 24/7 engineering support 
• 24/7 monitoring of critical signal paths with automatic notification 
• Videotape and file-based QC and media operations and ingest 
• Media verification/preparation for air presentation 
• UPS and generator support for air operations systems and HVAC. 
• Disaster Recovery operations 

Transmission Facilities and Services 


  • Over the next 3 years 
    • UPS and Generator power back-up 
    years DPP. will provide network-connected teleport services. Utilizing fiber and satellite transmission facilities connected to a production center we will be able to handle a variety of video feed reception and origination services. Headshot studio capability is available on short notice for uplink or fiber feeds. Our transmission systems will be redundant and powered by UPS and generator for high reliability. 

    • Multiple satellites receive capabilities 
    • Send and receive on the Level 3 network 
    • Decipher II platform on Galaxy 13 and Galaxy 12 
    • Fully redundant encoders, modulators, and HPAs/SSPAs 
    • Backup antenna for transmission services 
    • 24/7 conditional access authorization services 

    • 24/7 engineering/operations support