1.0 Executive Summary

The primary purpose of this summary is to elaborate on the development of Dakar Studios a soundstage and production facility. The soundproof soundstage will be used primarily to produce film and television productions with the ability to host live shows if needed. The large facility (specs pages 15-18) gives productions the ability to easily setup stages, sets, lighting and equipment. This space will also allow for community and private education. 

Dakar Inc. is a multifaceted company founded in 1995. There are currently four divisions, beginning with our Home Division. This division manages the company's operations while also maintaining the office and soundstage in Ohio. By following the proceeding plans, we will revolutionize the film, television and media production industry from our Home Division location. The company will generate enough revenue to assist in the growth of all four divisions which include; (1) Home Division, (2) Television, Film and Media Division (3) Business to Business Division - B2B, and (4) Dak P. Kidz. 

The Business to Business (B2B) Division allows us to maximize exposure and consumer sells for each brand globally. B2B markets and distributes each of the television and film productions through Dakar Studios. The productions are sold to a worldwide marketplace and are configured for various consumer packages including; film, television, theatrical, merchandising goods, and audio/ video products. 

Selecting only the best products, DI has already produced an impressive selection of "timeless" stories. Market research has shown that nearly every day, the public has shown a demand for quality family filmed entertainment. 

These divisions all working in tandem create, develop, produce and distribute films and stage productions worldwide.  DI is different than other production companies you may have encountered. We go beyond "the numbers" to tap into the creative and imaginary minds of both our internal and external stakeholders. This strategy breaks the traditional mold of 'business plan etiquette,' so we too can explore and create a new and exciting project together.  



Short Term


Each division follows a simple yet effective business schematic designed to operate at maximum efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Dakar will produce television programming, feature and documentary films in Ohio which would be distributed worldwide. Revenue generated by film and stage productions will then 

be used to support travel and essential expenses needed meet DI’s high standards and exceed expectations.

Long Term

B2B Division sales will have increased over 25% by the third year. 

Build B2B film and television production rate to a minimum of two to three television and film productions per year by the third year.

The overall goal of B2B is to maintain a steady profit, reinvest into lucrative business markets while further expanding DI’s operations and productions.